The arts enrich our lives, stir our hearts and inspire our imagination, enabling us to express beauty, harmony and truth in a way that is deeply personal and uniquely human.

Charlotte Mason said "Education is the science of relationships". Beginning in Grade R, we help our pupils to relate to the artists, composers, poets, authors and playwrights whose works we study.

In Picture Study, we read about the artist's life and study a number of their paintings. Students are encouraged to pay close attention to each artwork and even attempt to reproduce them. They learn to appreciate what is involved in creating a great work of art. A whole semester is devoted to studying the life and work of one great artist.

We follow a similar approach to Composer Study, starting with a good biography and listening to many of the composer's works in a semester. During quiet lessons like handcraft or handwriting, the teacher plays that composer's music in the background.

Likewise, the poetry of two great poets is studied every year. We would like to study one artist of international renown and one South African or African poet or artist every year, and have begun sourcing excellent biographies, written for young people, about African men and women who have made their mark in the arts.

Shakespeare is studied by all pupils, starting in Grade R, and we have an annual Shakespeare festival in which every child takes part. Even the youngest pupils know the story of the selected drama and are able to enjoy the performance put on by the grade 5,6 and 7 students.

Please go to the website "Photo galleries" (under School Life) to view images of our latest Shakespeare play.

Helen O'Grady Drama classes
are part of our curriculum for
all students in Grades 4 - 7