Life is about learning. All children have a God-given desire to know; they are curious. If we feed their curiosity, they will continue to love learning. Charlotte Mason believed that our minds are designed to feast on ideas, and that the best ideas are found in what she called "living books".

"All the ideas we offer to our children shall be living thought; no mere dry summaries of fact will do." Charlotte Mason

For this reason, we do not reduce our content to the extracts and summaries found in typical textbooks. Instead we read the best books right through. Not only do we cover and even exceed the content of the NCS and CAPS curricula, but our pupils are able to transfer to any other school without difficulty.

As an Ambleside school we make use of the curriculum and resources of Ambleside Schools International. The curriculum was developed in the USA but as a South African school, we are free to adapt the content to suit our own history, geography and cultural heritage.

Subjects are divided into Inspirational and Disciplinary, as in the Pre-school syllabus below

Inspirational Subjects

  • Bible
  • Composer Study
  • Froebel Manipulatives
  • Literature
  • Music *
  • Nature Study
  • Picture Study
  • Poetry
  • Read Aloud
  • Shakespeare
  • Tales and Fables

Disciplinary Subjects

  • Arithmetic
  • Art
  • Composition/Home Narration
  • Foreign Language *
  • Geography
  • Handwork
  • Handwriting
  • Phonics Instruction
  • Play
  • Reading Instruction
  • Recitation

* Not yet on offer at The Vine School