To celebrate our school's 12th Birthday last week and to celebrate we had the opportunity to listen to beautiful music and eat delicious cake. Join us in listening to the music
and watching what has happened in the life of our school over the past year between our 11th and 12th Birthdays.





 Today marks yet another milestone in the journey of our school - our 12th birthday! It's a moment to reflect on the incredible memories we've created, the challenges we've overcome, and the victories we've celebrated together, and most of all, to reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of God.

I believe that one of the key factors that has helped us to remain standing firm on the Rock that is Jesus, lies in the song we sang earlier. Over the past 12 years, every morning, we have gathered to bless the Name of the Lord, in every season. When there is abundance and the land is plentiful, we bless His Name. When the sun shines down on us and when the world is all as it should be, we bless His Name. When our road is sometimes marked with suffering and there’s pain in the offering, we bless His Name. When we are found in the desert place, in the wilderness, when the darkness closes in, still we bless His Name. When He gives, or takes away, our hearts choose to say, blessed be the Name of the Lord. Every blessing He pours out, we turn back to praise when we gather here every morning to start our day. God has been faithful to us, and He also sees our faithfulness in blessing His Name, no matter what.

I am filled with much gratitude for each one, past and present, who has contributed to our school's story. From the dedicated teachers who pour their hearts into helping you grow, to the diligent admin team who ensure our school runs smoothly day in and day out, and of course, to you, our children, who fill our school with joy and enthusiasm.

Reflecting on the past 12 years, we cannot help but marvel at God’s incredible faithfulness. In 12 years, many beautiful ideas have been shared, many inspiring thoughts have been reflected on. Within these walls many friendships have been formed. We’ve had many “Aha” moments in the classroom, and many “wow” moments when we have been outside during outings, fascinated by the wonder of God’s beautiful creation. We’ve shared many laughs and, many tears. We've weathered storms and celebrated victories, always standing strong as a united family, knitted together by the love of Christ.

Yet, as we celebrate the past 12 years, we also look to the future with hope and determination. Our school is not just a place of learning, but a place of loving and growing. Growing in relationship with God, His creation, ourselves, and others. A place where we Live to love, and love to learn.

Traditionally it is said that one should make a wish when blowing out candles on a birthday cake. As children of God, we do not have to rely on making wishes or wishful thinking. Instead, as we blow out the candles on our birthday cake today, let us not make a wish, but rely on something much more powerful, and say a prayer to God - for continued growth, boundless learning, unwavering unity, endless love and lifelong friendships to be formed at our school.

Happy 12th birthday, The Vine School! Here's to many more years of learning, growing, tears, laughter, and love.  May we continue to bless the Name of the Lord, in every season, for many more years to come.