Foundations Matter

WA Community Foundations Matter 1

Our school is partnering with the "Foundations Matter" initiative to encourage Christian parents to consider the role of schools in laying good foundations for life. It is intended to get people thinking about choosing a school that best supports their hopes and aspirations for their children. Click here to see the website

Scroll down their website to find a printable poster and a short video. Put the poster up in a public place. Share the video via email or WhatsApp. Ask your pastor to include the video in a newsletter or show the high definition video in the Sunday service.

Please share the link to the website with friends, family, home groups, moms' groups, community groups, prayer groups, book clubs - as far and as wide as you can think. Also add the poster to your WhatsApp status. Let's get the word out!!

Don’t forget to register for yourself to come too!

Parents can sign up on the website to register to attend any one of the meetings in the Western Cape.