Governance and Parent Volunteer Association (PVA)

As a Non Profit Company, the school is governed by a Board of Directors responsible for the vision, mission, policies and financial stability of the organisation

All directors must qualify in terms of section 69 of the Companies Act, 2008 and must adhere to the School's Declaration of Faith and the Ambleside Code of Conduct

The Directors


Mr Gavin Graham / Chairman

As a parent, I was drawn to serve on the Board because the school partners with us in raising our children in a Biblical, Christian worldview.  I enjoy the opportunity to use my giftings and to grow in the process. 



Mr Gerard Schrieff / Member

HOD Preschool and Gr 1 JeanI am excited to use my abilities to serve the  school. Good governance will ensure that our school is grounded in principles consistent with the Judeo-Christian worldview, drawing our children to Christ.

When my wife and I discovered the Ambleside philosophy of teaching it resonated with us. We wanted our son immersed in an environment that honours God. We believe that true knowledge is only obtained by understanding our Creator Father.


Mrs Susan Keegan / Member

HOD Preschool and Gr 1 Jean

I have been involved in Christian education as a student, parent, worker and agitator-for-change for most of my life. My children are now grown but I also care about the children of South Africa. The Vine School’s approach has the power to transform lives by affirming values like truth, beauty, integrity and good work.   

Mrs Margi Bate / Member

Deputy Principal   Gina Smith place holder

From the start I was inspired by the  potential of this school to throw off the shackles of the government system and pursue nurturing, caring, Christ-honouring education. The heart-warming testimonies of school families, staff and even outsiders are an abundant reward for my small efforts. Soli Deo Gloria.

The Parent Volunteer Association (PVA)

The Parent Volunteer Association co-ordinates parent involvement in the life of the school.  Hands-on help is always needed at school events like Open Days, Grandparents Days, and the end-of-year class lunches. The PVA also runs fundraising events and work parties where  people put their skills to good use in fellowship with others.  

Being involved in the PVA is one way for parents to get to know one another, build relationships with teachers, and create a sense of family.  It is said 'It takes a village to raise a child' and our school and school families form part of that village of caring people. 

Leigh-Ann Richards / Chairman

Deputy Principal   Gina Smith place holder

I wasn’t keen to be involved in fundraising, but then I realised there are many other portfolios in the PVA.  I learnt about parents who were going through really tough times and so I took on the Family Care portfolio.  I became friends with others who serve on the PVA, and before long I found myself involved even in the things I had shied away from. To cut a long story short, I’m now the chairman and fully involved in any event the PVA takes on for our incredible/amazing/remarkable school.

Jordri Smith / Committee Member

HOD Preschool and Gr 1 JeanI could have said “no” but I am so glad I didn’t. When my daughter started Preschool, it didn’t take long to see that The Vine School is an amazing place.  Even though, like most parents, I felt I didn’t have time to take on anything more, I wanted to contribute to the life of the school.  The PVA only meets once a quarter and the rest of the time communicates effectively via Whatsapp to plan events. I've learnt more about the school and enjoyed supporting and nurturing this unique place of learning.

Karen Herring / Committee Member

Deputy Principal   Gina Smith place holder

I love getting involved and doing so at my children’s school gave me the chance to get to know the school better. I have met parents from all grades;  I have gotten to know teachers and admin staff, I have gained insight into how the school runs, and why things are done in a certain way, and what the vision is.  I made good friends and learnt a lot, working alongside others and being gently nudged out of my comfort zone at times.   I truly see it as a blessing – this opportunity to be involved, in whatever manner I am able to, in the life of our school!

Nicole Cameron / Committee Member

HOD Preschool and Gr 1 Jean

It’s hard to make a difference just as an individual, but when we join forces, real progress can be made!  Being part of this service-minded group has opened my eyes to all the opportunities to grow and develop this incredible school, and helped me to see the powerful role that we as parents can play in supporting staff. The PVA is involved in many aspects of school life, beyond just the fundraising activities, and everyone can serve according to their natural gifting; and be stretched beyond that too.

This year has been interesting, given the unusual circumstances, but it has also brought new challenges to innovate around, which I am confident will draw us closer together as a school community.

Kelly Ramsay / Committee Member

HOD Preschool and Gr 1 Jean

Being a part of a team of like- minded parents who want to see growth and happiness in our school has been a true blessing for me. Through our PVA work we have been able to assist the school in many ways and it is wonderful to be able to give back to our school.

I have so enjoyed being a part of the PVA as it has allowed me to become more involved in my children’s school life and form wonderful relationships with parents and staff.

There is often a misconception that being a part of a committee involves many hours of meetings and work – in our case this is not so. We try to keep meetings to a minimum so working parents are able to still be a part of our team. The work we do in setting up for market days and so forth is actually such fun with so many laughs that it doesn’t really feel much like work and I have so many great memories of these times.


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