Netball and Soccer
At The Vine School we train children first how to keep their bodies healthy and fit, and in the skills needed for various sports, e.g. to kick, dribble, and stop a ball in soccer and catch, throw and shoot a ball in netball before being involved in competition. However, competition has its own set of skills to teach - teamwork, self-control, perseverance, hosting others and of course gracious winning or losing.
The Vine School under 11's and under 13's have enjoyed being part of either our Soccer or Netball teams recently as we competed against Grace Primary School, which is another Charlotte Mason based school, from Pinelands.
Charlotte Mason on Use of Habit in Physical Training - "In all matters physical exercise it is obvious to us that––do a thing a hundred times and it becomes easy, do a thing a thousand times and it becomes mechanical, as easy to do as not."
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